This warm and loving care facility is designed to provide the highest standard of care for those with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia-related conditions, including problems with disorientation and wandering.

Specialized Care

Even though Baron's Residential Care Inc. Lodi Gardens blends into a normal residential neighborhood, it has been designed as a facility to care for those who are suffering from the behavioral and cognitive problems associated with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia. We understand the special needs in a calm and loving manner we reduce the anxiety of everyday living and create an atmosphere of love and individual care.

A Therapeutic Environment

Resident's can take full advantage of our lovely secured surroundings, enjoying our canyon view, comfortable gardens patios and sitting areas.

When those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and other difficult conditions experience the right combination of free time and structured activity, life for them becomes more fulfilling. For this reason our patient and loving personalized care is complimented with activities including crafts, games, field trips, and exercises specifically designed with the special needs of each resident in mind.

Loving Staff

The staff at Baron's Residential Care Inc. Lodi Gardens, is specially trained and is dedicated to helping our residents maintain their highest levels of dignity and self-esteem. In everything we do, one question is always on our minds:
"How do we make life comfortable, safe and enjoyable for those whose care has been entrusted to us?"

Family Environment

Serving 6 residents with two caregivers, we are small enough to encourage family relationships between residents and staff alike, yet have all the resources necessary for exceptional care.

In addition we encourage our resident's loved ones to visit as often as they like!

Licensed by the State Of California